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Secondly, Ferdinand’s accession to Hungary meant that the Habsburgs had to bear the brunt of the Lepanto (1571), won by Charles V’s natural son, Juan de Austria, did not end those troubles, which were exploited, against the dynasty, by Hungarian dissidents and, more covertly, by France.

The third flaw in the Habsburg edifice was latent in the 16th century.

Mindful of what they had won by marriages, the Habsburgs sought to preclude rival dynasties from turning the tables on them by the same means: to keep their heritage in their own hands, they began to intermarry more and more frequently among themselves.

The result, in a few generations, was a fatal inbreeding that brought the male line of Charles V to extinction.

Radbot’s son Werner I (died 1096) bore the title count of Habsburg and was the grandfather of Albert III (died 1200), who was count of Zürich and landgrave of Upper Alsace.

Rudolf II of Habsburg (died 1232) acquired Laufenburg and the “Waldstätte” (Schwyz, Uri, Unterwalden, and Lucerne), but on his death his sons Austria: Accession of the Habsburg).

Radbot’s grandfather, Guntram the Rich, the earliest traceable ancestor of the house, may perhaps be identified with a Count Guntram who rebelled against the German king Otto I in 950.

Meanwhile the Styrian line descended from Leopold III had been subdivided into Inner Austrian and Tirolean branches.

Frederick V, senior representative of the Inner Austrian line, was elected German king in 1440 and crowned Holy Roman emperor, as Frederick III, in 1452—the last such emperor to be crowned in Rome.

Dating from Maximilian’s Burgundian marriage, antagonism between the French kings and the Habsburgs was to persist, to the progressive detriment of the latter, until the middle of the 18th century, and until the second half of the 17th the other European powers would mostly sympathize with France.

The Habsburgs in the 16th century were too formidable not to provoke envy and anxiety.

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