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' Jane replied, 'Yeah, I'm fine.' [He] said he asked Jane Doe a third time if she was okay, and she answered that she was." While the neighbor would also say that Jane answered "kind of unconvincingly" and she sounded "kind of sad," he said he "took her word for it." (Jane told investigators that she also remembers this exchange.) John returned from the rest room, and thirty minutes later Jane left his room.John would later learn that he finished the night by talking to a female friend for a few minutes—about what he does not recall—and going to sleep.In the spring of 2013, two professors at Occidental, Caroline Heldman and Danielle Dirks, filed two complaints against the school, under Title IX and a related law, on behalf of the recently formed Oxy Sexual Assault Coalition (OSAC), alleging Occidental had mishandled investigations and underreported incidents of sexual assault for dozens of women.OSAC's list of grievances is disturbing, including: "two of three respondents found responsible for multiple rapes have been invited back on campus, exposing a new crop of students to known predators"; "administrators telling survivors after meeting their assailants, 'he didn't seem like the type of person who would do something like that' or 'he didn't seem like a rapist' "; and a college administrator "telling a group of male athletes that most of the cases of alleged rape at Oxy are 'girls getting back at their ex-boyfriends.' " There were allegations that critics of the administration were being intimidated and that their e-mails were being secretly monitored, both charges that Occidental would deny.He'd started drinking earlier in the day as part of a freshman-jock initiation.Shots, chugging, stupid human tricks—bonding and hallowed ritual to some, hazing to others—left him too drunk to finish the initiation, and around P. a teammate escorted him back to the second floor of Braun."I'd heard about it, but I had this kind of 'it won't affect me' mentality," he says, sitting in the shaded area outside a Starbucks in a sunny part of California last November.

The one freshman, John, eighteen years old and a slim six one, was good and drunk by sundown.Under intense pressure from both the OCR—which was investigating the potential Title IX violations and could, theoretically, withhold Occidental's federal funding—and campus activists, the college president, Jonathan Veitch, promised to make amends and turn Occidental into a national leader in fighting sexual assault, in part by revising its policies on investigating such offenses and expanding its definition of sexual assault.John was only vaguely aware that all this was going on when he made his decision to attend Occidental.One of them would later describe the ensuing half hour as Jane "trying to kiss John and dance with him … but 'also seemed pretty indifferent' to Jane's advances. (The college would later commission an inquiry into the events of the night, with two independent investigators interviewing witnesses and summarizing their statements—and in some instances quoting them directly—in an official report. JOHN: Knock when you're here Seemingly aware of what was coming next, Jane texted a friend "I'm wasted" and "I'mgoingtohave sex now," and while she made her way down to John's room, she vomited in a trash can in the hallway before making it to the men's bathroom and, finally, John's room.and John trying to get [the two friends] to leave." That friend also said that "Jane was grabbing John and trying to kiss him… [The friend] observed that John was 'not at all going for her … All observations attributed to witnesses in this story, as well as texts cited, are taken from that report.)JOHN: The second that you're away from them, come back JANE: Okay JOHN: Get the fuck back here. [I don't care.] Just get back here JANE: Okay do you have a condom JOHN: Yes. Later, John would say he remembers few specifics about the following hour, including the A. text he sent to his roommate instructing him to "stay the fuck out of our room." He also put a piece of paper in the slot for the key card to the room, the millennial equivalent of the sock on the doorknob.

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