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“Through programs consisting of discussions, lectures, and campaigns, we hope to increase awareness of the benefits of sexual integrity, healthy dating relationships, and the primacy of marriage & family as central pillars of society.” Georgetown student Jasmin Ouseph submitted a formal complaint to the Jesuit-run Catholic school about the club, claiming it violates the Division of Student Affairs’ Student Organization Standards.The presidents of GU Pride and Georgetown University Queer People of Color are complaining along with Ouseph.“It is a test of what remains of Georgetown’s Catholic identity.An authentic Catholic university must be able to support a club promoting marriage and healthy sexuality.” “There’s no wiggle room in this,” he said.“I fear that the willingness to suppress opinions contrary to one's own is on the rise on our campus.” “Accusations of hate have become tools to silence any form of expression from those who disagree with the modern political orthodoxy,” he noted.Estes penned an editorial defending Love Saxa in the , a conservative student newspaper. C., October 24, 2017 (Life Site News) – A student group at Georgetown University faces defunding and other possible sanctions for defending the Catholic Church’s teaching on marriage.

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“Though these other groups may agree with Love Saxa’s definition of marriage, actively and vigorously promoting this definition — one that is directly intolerant of the LGBTQ community — is not a primary focus of their missions, as it appears to be for Love Saxa,” they concluded.

Some of us have religious convictions, but many of us find it to be the most logical choice for other reasons.” These reasons include the wealth of data indicating that delaying sex until marriage leads to happier relationships and more stable marriages, she wrote.

Irvine also explained in her opinion piece that Love Saxa believes marriage is between a man and a woman because that relationship is ordered toward the procreation of children.

“Though Georgetown is a Catholic institution that respects the church’s view of marriage, its student groups nevertheless have a responsibility to care for and protect the entire student body,” the editorial continued.

Its authors didn’t mention their suggestion for how the school should care for and protect students who support traditional marriage, who agree with Catholic teaching that sodomy is immoral, and who have been hurt by the hook-up culture.

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