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The result is that toxic, cancer-causing glyphosate herbicide is now found in many wheat products, including pasta, wheat bread, wheat flake breakfast cereals, donuts, bagels, cake mixes, snack crackers and much more.

Glyphosate is known to be toxic at parts per billion concentrations, meaning it only takes a very tiny amount to potentially impact your digestion and metabolism in a dangerous way.

Once you switch to organic wheat, you may discover your "gluten" problems simply disappear...

and that's because it wasn't a gluten problem to begin with. That is likely to be the reason prior 1980's before glyphosate was discovered very few people actually had a gluten problem.

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With our plants we need to make available to them a very healthy soil (Soil Food Web) full of organic materials along with all the minerals and elements possible.Here is what was said: Do you consider yourself to be sensitive to gluten?Your problem with wheat, it turns out, may not be a problem with gluten at all. Most people don't realize it, but even though wheat is not yet commercially grown as a genetically engineered crop, farmers saturate wheat crops with very high doses of glyphosate right before harvest, speeding the drying of the wheat stalks and accelerating harvest duration.Wheat Grass is about the healthiest plant you can grow because it will take up all the 114 minerals and elements if they are provided in the growing medium.That is the minerals from the Ocean (Ocean Solids) the minerals from rocks (Rok Solid and the minerals from prehistoric times, Magic Botanic Liquid (MBL) These are used in the growing of your wheat grass so that when you cut and either juice it or use in Green Smoothies then your body is maxing out in goodness.

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