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It is a compilation of all the things we thought would be helpful to our daughters in making a decision of whether or not to move forward in a courtship.Things she should know and evaluate, things they could discuss and work out together.Justin has taught theology and Spanish at Bishop Mc Namara High School in Forestville, Maryland, since 2006.He has degrees from the University of Maryland - College Park, the Universidad de Salamanca (Spain), and Staffordshire University (England), and he has studied philosophy and theology at Seton Hall University, the Franciscan University of Steubenville, and the University of Notre Dame's Satellite Theological Education Program.In December 2016, the Cotters’ quickly-popular book, , was released jointly by Ignatius Press and the Augustine Institute.

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In fact, an alternatively fitting term might be “courtship” scene; after all, Catholics should be more interested in marriage than in serial dating.Our modern culture would have you think that chastity is impossible – that we are little more than roving beasts of animalistic impulse, incapable of saving sex for marriage, or of abstaining from further sex once already in a sexually active relationship, or even of fidelity within marriage.Ideally obvious terms such as (other than when such designations are used pejoratively), rarely enter into the parlance of the broader culture.It is our prayer that these will be a help to those seeking godly marriages for their children.One thing I’d like to point out before you read these questions is that we haven’t used this list in its entirety for all of the young men who have called on our daughters.

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