Dating older married men

He also started confiding in me about his marital problems.Even before he met me, he didn’t know what his wife did while he was at work or how she was spending his money.Henry left the company a year after we became lovers.By then, I was in love with him, and broke things off with my boyfriend whom everyone had expected me to marry.He taught me all kinds of sexual techniques to please him.

My boyfriend didn’t like that I was spending so much time with Henry, but couldn’t do much as he was often out of the country, busy with his family business.

While I was out shopping, I would also stop by the fragrance counters just to smell that particular scent.

About six months later, I was offered a full-time position at the company.

But whenever I saw them together, they were cold and abrupt with each other.

In contrast, Henry and I were very similar in character, and had similar interests like running and doing volunteer work. He showed me love and in return, I was able to love back – I was less spoilt, and less quick to judge others as well.

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