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You should also ensure that your personal space is tidy. This will bring about some sanity in your life but it will definitely not solve the problem of having a messy roommate.

Just concentrate on the good aspects of your roommate and know that both of you will move on after some time.

If you and your roommate(s) have your own food that you buy separately, remember to always ask before diving into their supply.

Most times, people are happy to share their food, but if you eat their treats without asking, things could turn ugly. For those of you who have to share parking spots with your roommate(s), practice good parking-spot-karma. If you have tandem parking, my best advice is to make sure that each of you have keys to the other one’s car.

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This will make life easier for a number of reasons. The most important thing to remember when raiding your roomie’s closet is to always, ask first. She may be totally cool with you wearing her new tangerine tank, but if you wear it without asking, it might make her feel uncomfortable to think that you were snooping in her closet without a proper heads up. There’s nothing worse than repaying someone’s generosity by returning their clothes covered in stains. If you damage a borrowed item, make sure to have it repaired (or replace it entirely) before you give it back to your roommate.Stop trying to get them to clean up after themselves.For this to work, you will have to figure out a way of keeping all the common areas clean.And sometimes you just might have to compromise, which happens to be the key to growing up. When you live with roommates, washing your dishes after you eat and making sure that the sink doesn’t start to resemble something out of an episode of “Hoarders” is the easiest way to keep the peace.Nothing creates more resentment than one roommate who feels forced to constantly clean everyone else’s dirty dishes.

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