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The SIREN botnet likewise drives some of its traffic to the same network of websites linked to Deniro Marketing.Krebs published his initial findings on A large percentage of the bots were female names with nude or semi-nude pictures.Many of the websites’ policies claim that the site owners operate most of the profiles.They also have overbearing policies that can use personally identifiable information of their customers to send to other affiliate programs which yields more spam to the victim..There were 26 options for the First Phrase but only 8 for the Second Phrase, and all phrases were identical down to the level of individual capital letters.Specific phrases also exhibited clustered temporal distribution patterns, in which different tiers of phrases were created at similar relative frequencies over short time periods..This spam campaign had a series of botnet panels and operated primarily via e-mail.Deniro Marketing was part of a class action lawsuit in 2010 but still seems to host websites on their Autonomous System Number (ASN) and run affiliate marketing programs.

Thank God for you and what you PHYSICALLY do to make this a safer world for our most innocent of lives.

This observation was notable given that 12.5% of bot displaynames contained letters from the cyrillic alphabet corresponding to common female Russian names.

The poor English, Cyrillic text and sheer magnitude of the infrastructure is indicative that SIREN is a group or actor that is technically proficient and probably located in the Eastern Block of Europe.

Although the vast majority of individual bots are benign, they can be coordinated as botnets and weaponized to distribute nefarious links such as phishing campaigns, malware, ransomware, fraudulent surveys, spamruns, malicious apps that hijack control of the victim’s accounts, and spam websites that pay for clicks. The botnet is named for the mythical Greek Sirens, who seduced wayward sailors with their singing and lured them to their doom.

Initially, hundreds of bots were detected by the Zero FOX Platform’s deep convolutional neural networks that classify incoming sexually explicit images and text content.

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