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Trouble is, you’d end up hooking a lot of fish you had no appetite for.

Mobile dating apps allow you to see who’s online and in the vicinity, improving your chances of landing a really good catch.

And in basketball, o„fficials dumped the no-dunk rule after fans complained that it made play less exciting.

Well, now it’s time to dump some obsolete dating rules, want to win. “Most women would probably say they don’t stare at men’s bodies in the same way men do women, but they’re mistaken,” says sex therapist Ian Kerner, author of .

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In sex, just like sports, it pays to play by the rules. In football, o„fficials moved the restraining line from the 30-yard line to the 35, with the intention of increasing touchbacks.

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But with texting, you’ve got only her words to go on.” And even then she has more time to consider her response, giving her more control over the situation.

That’s why you have to take extra care with the timing and content of your texts.

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