Fake hair and dating

A 1711 letter written to the, a British daily paper, detailed the plight of an “injured gentleman” who had just married what he called one of the “women who do not let their husbands see their faces till they are married.” He referenced a play called , in which a character receives a divorce because of “error personae” — discovering his new wife was not the woman he intended to marry — and asked if this law could be used to “be rid of [his] wife.” The paper responded sympathetically, recalling secondhand stories of women tricking men for the pleasure of tormenting them, and agreed that true justice would be a swift separation, though they weren’t sure if the law would support his case.

Three hundred years later and newspapers are printing the same stories.

In the first, an Algerian man woke up the morning after his wedding horrified at the sight of his wife’s bare face, fearing a thief had broken into the apartment.BLOKES are now reversing the balding process by shaving their heads and gluing on hair pieces inspired by reality TV stars, in the latest male makeover craze.Experts behind the non-surgical hair transplants say they have recently seen a 'massive rise' in guys asking to look like The Only Way is Essex and Geordie Shore stars.“Once the system is attached, it stays on your head for around 3 - 4 weeks depending on the person's personal preference."They can be worn at the gym, in the shower - pretty much anywhere!

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