Flowscan error updating

In the aviation market, it appears to be resold mainly by Shadin.

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The factor with which the flow computer converts the incoming pulses is called "K factor" and is adjustable using two 16-position rotary hex switches on the side of the Shadin.

This product update has no changes to the Print 1099/1096 Forms screen or the 1099 Electronic Filing screen.

field on the Customers screen allows you to enter business registration numbers for customers.

Monitor your location, water temperature, fuel and fluid levels and other engine data from the convenience of your HDS Carbon or Elite Ti touchscreen by rigging your boat with a network of Lowrance devices and NMEA 2000 sensors.

Open the door to greater integration possibilities and get more from your HDS or Elite Ti display by adding a NMEA 2000 network of Lowrance network devices and NMEA 2000 sensors to your boat.

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