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That's brother to brother - once we all step up to the mark, all that is forgotten." The band's latest album, "Come Around Sundown", features mostly improvised lyrics from Caleb, and Nathan, the band's drummer, reckons that » - When, last Friday, my boss (his name is Charlie and he gives me assignments via speaker phone) asked if I would be interested in sitting in on a Kings of Leon interview for Bwe and The VH1 Blog and then writing about it, I was offended.

And Fyi, Caleb’s brother and bandmate (he’s the drummer) Nathan Followill got married to singer Jessie Baylin last year.

The mom of two, Philomena, 3, and John-John, 2, is expecting a third baby with husband John Jovanovic this winter.

Nathan said: "I think it definitely prepared us for this.

I mean, I don't think just anyone could handle being away from home for 10 months out of the year, but you know it kind of helped us » On an entirely selfish level, we’re thinking dammit!

I was offended because it’s like Charlie didn’t even know me.

March 2011 - March 2011Just a day after Ashley Greene and Joe Jonas' split was revealed, the actress was spotted out with Kings of Leon rocker Jared Followill.

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