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Although True Facet is a rising competitor in the digital space, my interest in fine jewelry and watches is deep-seated.

On the fine jewelry side, my family is a long-established player in Chicago’s jewelry industry.

You can share your screen effortlessly and the audio options enhance your collaboration like never before.

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And they don't have to be in the office they can be on the move too and collaborate over whichever device is best for them. You can search your directory to make a call straight away using your desktop app and have over 50 people all together. That's easy too and you can chat in a group or one to one.

You can even use your calendar to schedule a call if you're using Google Calendar Or MS Outlook. You can see minutes used, who's on line and what devices they are using.

Getting a good deal on a watch is typically a huge time sink and pain in the butt if you are looking for the absolute best price.

Going through an authorized dealer can be totally fine, but many consumers are aware that waiting just a little while can lead to a discount given the way the watch industry has set itself up.

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Traditionally people would have to travel to your HQ, either by train or car or even catch a flight.

These costs mount up, not only in financial terms but in time too.

Tirath has a business obligation to sound a bit "marketingy" in his below introduction, but he is really just a guy from a watch and jewelry family who several years ago had a dream (like many others have) to help pull the sales and distribution side of the watch industry out of the stone age.

One of the biggest issues face is in not being able to always easily point people in the direction of where to get their purchase needs satisfied.

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