Fullerenes better dating through technology

Fullerenes are also known as "buckyballs;" both names pay tribute to F.

Buckminister Fuller, who designed the first geodesic dome.

Most nanotubes formed naturally are so-called multi-walled nanotubes.

These can consist either of several concentric nanotubes (Figure (c)) or of a single sheet rolled several times like a roll of wrapping paper (Figure (b)).

Carbon, it seems, is not only necessary for biological life to exist, it also is critical to many amenities carbon-based life forms enjoy.In 1965, even before the advent of personal computing, Gordon Moore of Intel predicted that the number of transistors that can be packed onto on a computer chip would double every 18 to 24 months.This was possible because as transistors could be made smaller, signals could be sent through chips faster.Perhaps less well-known are carbon fullerenes, with atomic structures similar to geodesic spheres such as the one found at Epcot Center.In this form, carbon again forms hexagons, but the hexagons are connected into a spherical shape, as shown in Figure (c) above.

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