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Curry fish balls: Balls of fish are deep-fried and then boiled in a spicy curry sauce to create this popular and cheap street snack.As a true city of the world, Hong Kong celebrates both Western and Chinese holidays.Communism is shunned, the press is (relatively) free and the internet is open.That said, Cantonese influence from the neighbouring province of Guangdong is undeniable.Not quite a part of China, though not entirely independent either, Hong Kong is a captivating destination all of its own.It’s a place where soaring skyscrapers, overflowing markets and traditional monasteries all vie for limited space.

Egg waffles are an iconic Hong Kong street food, best eaten immediately.

Hong Kong chefs have mastered the art of roasting meat to crispy perfection, particularly char siu (Cantonese-style barbeque pork), which is a local favourite. Dishes from other regions of China have made their way into Hong Kong kitchens – such as Szechuan hot pot and northern noodle dishes – as well as dishes from other nearby countries such as Japan, Thailand, Vietnam and India.

Hong Kong also offers a number of unique variations on Western foods, such as steak (marinated in soy sauce) and French toast (deep-fried peanut butter sandwich served with a dollop of butter).

Hong Kong-style milk tea: A Hong Kong spin on a British tradition where black tea is infused with evaporated or condensed milk.

This local favourite is mostly sold by street vendors and smaller cafes.

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