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In Season 12, Sam spend the season trying to adjust to having a mother that he's never known or had since he was six months old.In addition to that, he spends the season hunting and saving lives by joining the BMOL (British Men of Letters).Sam is revived albeit slightly different and much darker than before.Sam spends all of Season 3 trying to desperately find a way to get Dean out of his deal, but sadly, Sam ends up failing to do so.It's discovered that Sam is the one true and destined vessel for Lucifer/Satan/The Devil.His brother Dean, on the other hand, was the destined vessel for Michael/The Michael Sword, and the two brothers were meant to face each other off in battle with Dean as Michael meant to kill Sam as Lucifer, resulting in paradise on Earth.At the end of Season 2, Sam is tragically killed by Jake Talley, another Special Child.In desperation to bring Sam back from the dead, Dean ends up repeating what his father did for him and selling his soul which resulted in him going to Hell in one year.

He leads a raid and successfully succeeds in taking them down.In Season 8, Sam ends up being the one to do the Trials of God, which would result in closing the gates of Hell.Unfortunately, Sam ends up severely ill and eventually falls into a near death coma.He gets visions from God, only for him to be disillusioned when he discovers that Lucifer was the one who sent him the visions when Sam visited the Cage once again.Dean eventually defeats the Darkness and ends up being rewarded with the return of his and Sam's mother, Mary.

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