Islam and interracial dating

Suzie, however, did not expect the same enthusiasm from her family.“By the time I was 10, I knew that when a Christian girl falls in love with a Muslim boy she is either disowned, her mother-in-law gets a heart attack or she dies in an honour killing,” she says.“I told her I’m leaving [for New York] day after tomorrow and we have to meet before that,” Saks recalls.He also did a “very Pakistani thing” to assure Suzie that he is not “crazy” — he told her that they should both bring a friend along and do a “group thing”.At the wedding, Suzie recalls her cousin telling her, “Suzie, you did what we could not do”.Her cousin had been in love with a Muslim doctor, but wasn’t allowed to marry him. She has converted to Islam and their son is a “Pakistani-Palestinian-American-New Yorker-Muslim kid,” says the mother..When he told his parents he has met and fallen in love with a Palestinian Christian girl they were forthcoming.It helped that Suzie made great first impressions on the family and “won all the aunties over” with an Urdu phrase, “ [Very nice to meet you]”.

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Fearing the worst, she broke the news to her family.

“My brother was appalled at the position I had put him in; his father-in-law is a priest.” Tragically, one day her oldest sister declared: “Suzie, we are disowning you.” Her brother-in-law told her mother, ‘You don’t know how to raise girls.’ Suzie was devastated. there were times I just wanted to give up because they just couldn’t get over the fact that he is Muslim. I said ‘I’m going to marry whomever I want’.”“What’s killing us [Palestinians] is not colonialism or the occupation; what’s killing us is the patriarchy.

Having to deal with the male ego is what’s standing in our way,” she says.“There is this saying in Arabic, fter a year-long struggle, the couple finally got married.

He hugged her and said, “I’m so glad you stood up to us…

I was wrong, I’m sorry.” hen Amara Chaudhry’s parents emigrated from Lahore over four decades ago, they settled in a small American town in Appalachian Virginia.

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