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The 177 mile (285km) route extends from the top to the bottom coast of Wales and follows an 8C earthwork built by King Offa sometime between 756 and 796 to contain marauding Welsh tribes.

is an easy grade continuous walking trail that follows the river valley from Chepstow to Rhayader and continuing to its source near Pumlumon in the hills above Aberystwyth.Looking for luxury accommodation or a Honeymoon Holiday cottage in Wales then these luxury lodges, set in the mid-Wales countryside, provide the holiday home to explore the glorious Welsh countryside.The Path twists and turns its way around this dramatic coast following the entire Pembrokeshire coastline for 143 miles/ 299 km.The 136 mile (218km) route criss-crosses the lower border between Wales and England through a wonderful variety of scenery.This walk has the precedent of being an ancient route, tracing the spiritual journey taken in early centuries by pilgrims from Bangor to Aberdaron and crossing to Bardsey island, the mystical Isle of a 1000 Saints, reputedly the burial place of many early Christian saints.

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