Probation officer charged with intimidating witness

If the police knock on your door at home, there's no law that requires you to open your door to the police.* "Don't worry if the police have a search warrant and want in, they'll kick you door down." Don't open your door, ignore them, say anything and they'll go away.

In some emergency situations (for example when someone is screaming for help from inside your home, police are chasing someone into your house, police see a felony being committed or if someone has called 911 from inside your house.) occupants inside your house gives the police permission to enter and search your home, then the police now have the right to enter your home.

Guest and roommates staying in your home/apartment/dorm need to be told of their rights and not to open your door to the police or invite the police in without your permission.

Police officers are like The following are lie's cops use when they're trying to get you to talk: "You will have to stay here and answer my questions," "you're not leaving until I find out what I want to know." "I have evidence against you, so tell me what you know or else." (Cops can fabricate fake evidence to convince you to tell them what they want to know.) "If you don't answer my questions you'll be charged with resisting arrest, obstruction or hindering an investigation." The Supreme Court has ruled that police officers can lie to the American people.

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Never give permission for a police officer to search you, your car or your home.

Imagine your child in a room with teachers, principal, assistant principal and police officers touching their gun and everyone demanding answers from your child without you being there or an attorney present to represent your child.

The police DON' T need your permission or for you to be present when they question your child.

Police officers are trained at lying, twisting words and being manipulative.

Police officers and other law enforcement agents are very skilled at getting information from people.

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