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For the price of OUT of warranty repairs, check out the “flat rate” list in Service & Exchange.

Some electronic items can’t be services because of our Exchange program.

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Allan Holdsworth has several models based on his own designs, including headless and MIDI synth variants.Around 1948, it returned to Southern California—and, in 1949, moved to Baldwin Park, California, where the company name changed to Carvin, after Kiesel's two eldest sons, Carson and Gavin.Starting in the 1970s, Mark Kiesel took over the guitar department and started offering custom instruments made to order to allow customers to choose from a range of available body shapes, woods, colors, electronics, and other features.Be sure to provide complete details on the invoice you need (your name, address, product, etc).Kiesel Guitars is an American manufacturer of electric guitars and electric bass guitars located in Southern California.

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