Regular expression for validating names and surnames sc dating

We are successful with this, but unfortunately we are matching a lot of other words as well.

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But instead we match all the elements of the set O (blue circle). The set U (light green circle) in this diagram is a subset of C. if the regular expression is not matching all the intended strings.

We match words like "education", "communicate", "falsification", "ramifications", "cattle" and many more. we receive positive results, which are wrong according to the problem we want to solve.

We have illustrated this problem in the diagram on the right side.

From other languages you might be used to represent regular expressions within Slashes "/", e.g. But this convenience brings along a small problem: The backslash is a special character used in regular expressions, but is also used as an escape character in strings.

This implies that Python would first evaluate every backslash of a string and after this - without the necessary backslashes - it would be used as a regular expression. So, a regular expression to match the Windows path "C:\programs" corresponds to a string in regular expression notation with four backslashes, i.e. The best way to overcome this problem consists in marking regular expressions as raw strings.

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