Sample personal dating ad

Please email resume(s) to XXXXXXXXXXXXX CARETAKERS NEEDED to maintain a ten acre eastside horse property (80 hours a month of work) in exchange for 2,400 sq ft house with all utilities paid.Horse knowledge, with handyman and landscaping skills, is a must.Without the hassle of running a "regular" business!So, we set up a system that removes all the effort for you, is designed so you perform well and makes money faster than you ever dreamed possible! Search engines are generally free (some have express services for a marginal fee).When we receive an ad from a property owner or a prospective caretaker, we are always happy to work with them to improve the wording and layout in order to receive the maximum ad response.

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I am so glad to know about your far-reaching exposure. I'm glad to see that you had a great response to your caretaker-wanted ad.

The above example does not represent a guarantee, but is provided to assist you in determining the hypothetical potential of a profitable 900 number business.

The Internet and the media are full of this kind of thing, with scams, get-rich-quick schemes, be-a-millionaire-by-the-week-end, you know the deal.: As with any business you could make more or less.

We do all the work, and all you do is get your number and advertise it like crazy. Your results can vary either higher or lower based on your advertising and promotional efforts. Now, that's a gigantic extra revenue for anyone, I'm sure you agree.

Then, on the 25th of every month, we send you a monthly check. Fact is, the more you advertise and promote your 900 line, the more money you will make...

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