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Diving a little deeper, he wants to bridge the , i.e.

that intuitive, not-quite-right feeling you get when you look at a robot failing to impersonate a human.

But local reports have speculated that it is a way of protecting the revenues of traditional telecoms companies.

But as consumers, what we really want is the benefits of bots — the always-on, the instant gratification — paired with the human connection — the trust, the ability of people to read between the lines, and the scratching of our itch — providing answers and solving problems in a cooperative relationship that lasts. AI is to humanize bots with empathy and character a.k.a.

“Character Intelligence(TM) Artificial Intelligence” to lay the groundwork for a trusting relationship between consumers and brands.

As Walsh’s talk continued, he showed us a video of an animated, healthcare bot interacting with his retired mother via tablet.

The bot’s avatar was Pixar-like, enthusiastic, and ready to help — human even in cartoon form, offering a fun experience to take in that made the audience visibly warm.

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