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Cranberry sauce (the canned, jellied kind), dressing, and squash laced with brown sugar were always my favorites; and still are.

The same held true -- a big meal, if not at home than at the in-laws -- across the ensuing years and two marriages.

All were in agreement that Rule 3 (regarding the number of races allowed per individual, and how they are determined) had been violated.

Unfortunately, that resulted in the disqualification of the winning Medley Relay. Once you know how fast the other relays went in prelims, you can adjust your relays, as long as you adjust them with a swimmer who has not yet swum two relays in prelims. The girl is a wonderful girl from a wonderful team.

I speak of Rachel Vickio, age 104, mother of Tony Vickio. 24, 2017 -- As I write this, Thanksgiving Day has come and gone, and with it -- in the minds of many -- the Holiday Season has begun.A lot of folks -- many of whom I know -- populate that gathering each year, and this Thanksgiving was no different. Health tops my list, considering some issues I encountered last year; as does family, for I have three sons (and a cat), a daughter-in-law, a grandchild, two brothers, two sisters-in-law, three nieces, a nephew, an aunt, assorted cousins, and various relatives from my late wife's side of the family.I also give thanks for the very existence of this website.Alicia earned her Bachelors degree from Gannon University.“Andy and Alicia have three daughters, Ava, Grace and Tess.

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