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He also urged the boy to have sex without a condom as it was more natural.'The doctor then said what he would like to do to him.He said he wanted to use his holes, spit in his mouth and slap him about a bit.After, he took more drugs and used Grindr again, making contact with a 'boy' with the pseudonym Liam.He told 'Liam' he 'wanted to slap him about a bit' and 'spit in his mouth' during sex and urged him to have sex without a condom because it was more natural.The hospital worker refused to give up passwords to devices he owned and gave a 'no comment' interview, apart from saying that he had ‘ruined his life’.A report revealed Jenkins took Mephedrone and had used Grindr on the day of the incident.

He was a good useful doctor there’s no suggestion of patients care being compromised.'After this Dr Jenkins asked for pictures of Liam in return but Liam said he didn’t send pictures of himself.'Thereafter Dr Jenkins started asking about how Liam lost his virginity and what he wanted being on the Grindr site.'Liam said he wanted fun and meets. Dr Jenkins said he would be willing to drive but not until he had seen Liam’s face.'The doctor then asked how he liked to be f***** and what sexual positions he liked.'It would be fair to allow him continue and maintain his knowledge and skills and remain on the register.'The hearing continues.Division of Water Director Peter Goodmann told the Interim Joint Committee on Natural Resources and Environment yesterday that over 58,700 miles of the state’s drinking water lines are an average of 38 years old with 16 percent of those lines dating back 50 years or more.

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