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The Balangoda district is lush and fertile and supports all manner of crops.

Farming was developed here and Stone Age Mesolithic Man selected it for settlement, finding it a rich, harmonious and congenial terrain.

"From an acupuncturist's viewpoint, the combination of points selected represents a meaningful therapeutic regimen." [References: 1. However, concrete evidence of Sri Lanka's influence is more valuable.

The Western pharmacopoeia has traditionally contained a number of substances unique to Sri Lanka and nearby Kerala.

Nine of the mummy's 15 tattoos are located on the urinary bladder meridian, a meridian commonly associated with treating back pain. There is little doubt the valley of gems in the stories of Sinbad the Sailor also refers to Sri Lanka.

In fact, one of the mummy's two cross-shaped tattoos is located near the left ankle on point UB60, which is considered by several texts a "master point for back pain." "The fact that not randomly selected points, but rather corresponding groups of points were marked by tattoos, seems especially intriguing," the researchers noted. It is there today, close by the town of Ratnapura (which means "city of gems"), and the ground oozes precious stones in the mud every time it rains heavily.

This may have been the first time the points and meridians were written down in China. The famous Ebers Papyrus (dated from about 7,000 BC and now in the British Museum) shows diagrams of what are clearly acupuncture meridians. This would mean that acupuncture dated from at least 2,500 years earlier than had been supposed and had arrived in Europe - long before it went to China! Sri Lanka (formerly known to the Arabs as Serendib, from which we get our word "serendipity") is mentioned in Ancient Greek and Roman texts.

According to the epic chronicle the Ramayana, a king ruling Sri Lanka about 10,000 years ago, called Ravana, was also a great healer.Known locally as the "Balangoda Man", after the district of the same name, these were very sophisticated people.Their fine microlithic tools pre-dated comparable artefacts of central Europe by almost 20,000 years.He is portrayed with 10 heads, signifying immense wisdom, and twenty hands, signifying great dexterity.One of the pairs of hands is holding what could be acupuncture needles. 500 BC) built the first general hospital in the world, according to American historians Will and Ariel Durant.

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