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Development: Great Western mainline electrification Value: 5 bn including rolling stock, signalling and station upgrades Developer: Network Rail Completion: 2017 Designed to improve reliability, capacity, frequency and journey times.This huge project will involve new Hitachi trains being serviced in a new depot at Stoke Gifford, the possibilty of the Digby Wyatt shed at Bristol TM being re-opened for trains to Paddington via Parkway and a possible fourth platform at Parkway.Quite frankly, this is an amateur approach to a complex issue, and the results are no more valid than a ‘back-of-a-fag-packet’ sketch.As a result, it is impossible to draw any conclusions from this graphic.”Bristol International is investing £400,000 over five years in Tracker – a system which will monitor aircraft departure noise and produce a graphic record of where aircraft using the airport fly relative to the ground.

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Development: Deep Sea Container Terminal Value: 500m Developer: Bristol Port Company Completion: Awaiting improved economic conditions.

Gee - Bob's location name isn't supposed to be taken seriously.

It's what the local radio station says during intervals.

I wouldn't say it is dead in the water though - only last month Peter Hain stepped down with getting the severn barrage up and running high on his wish list: another transport front, been driving through those beautiful m4/m5 roadworks twice every day so thought at least by documenting the progress I might be able to give something back to those who are not able to experience such pleasure.

The pictures do not look much, but things are moving along nicely.

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