Two intimidating aqha

The Ashkenazi custom is to have the chuppah ceremony outside under the stars, as a sign of the blessing given by God to the patriarch Abraham, that his children shall be "as the stars of the heavens" (Genesis 15:5).The Ashkenazi custom is that the chatan and kallah wear no jewelry under the chuppah (marriage canopy).Barbarella is a large boned yet very refined Percheron/TB cross.She should mature close to 17 hands when she's full grown.

Her very slow jog puts even the most timid rider at ease!

He is currently being used as a guide horse on our trails and does very well in the woods.

Neelix would make a great kids trail pony or even show pony.

Copper is a beautiful buckskin mare that shines like a new penny in the sun.

She'll be registered with the American Warmblood Association.

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