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“They say it is to respect religious sensitivities, but there is no requirement in religion for young girls to be wearing a head scarf,” she said.She added of Olive Secondary’s rules: “It’s outrageous that they are asking girls to cover their faces in Britain in 2017.” Neither school responded to requests for a comment.Damaged A/A badges have very little value and we only deal in pristine A/A insignia unless it is extremely rare.A/A badges are so shiny that soldiers sometimes paint their beret badges black as a method of camouflage.

NSS research found that out of 142 Islamic schools that accepted girls, 59, or 42 per cent, had uniform policies that suggested a headscarf or another form of hijab was compulsory.

It may be that you want an item connected with your family history, you want to get a badge for a friend, or you are trying to identify a badge.

This is also a good place to include Anglo-American translations of collecting terminology.

“What is most important is communication between schools and parents.

No child should be forced to do anything, any element of force or coercion should be avoided.” The NSS has written to the Secretary of State for Education, Justine Greening, calling for the Government to ensure girls from Muslim backgrounds are supported to have free choices, rather than having so-called modesty codes imposed on them.

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