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When the strike involves certain essential services such as education or transport, the additional requirement is that the proportion of those voting for action must also equate to 40% or more of all those entitled to vote – essentially treating non-voters as if they voted against the action.

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What this does is give employers more time to make contingency plans to counteract the effects of the strike, and provide an incentive for employers to try to string out talks past the ballot mandate’s expiry date.Before that, between 19, the number of days not worked due to strikes was never lower than 2m per year.Tinder shows you the name, age, picture and short description of people and you can swipe right to choose or left.The union has written to the City of London Corporation to ask whether Mr Scargill claimed the flat was his main residence when he applied for the perk.Rules state a tenant is eligible to buy a council home only if it is their ‘only or main home’.

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