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The Mark II version should be a lot better for this purpose, but at least the E-M1 is serviceable for C-AF tracking. Coming from a Canon DSLR background for 5 or so years (and barely used it because of the bulky-ness) this Olympus is now just about my everyday use because of it's compactness and durability.The 5-axis image stabilization has made a massive difference in my images, using the 40-150mm f4-5.6 gives me a great range in zoom, for the photography I do it is all I've needed to do everything I want, I am so much more happier with my Olympus EM-1 as compared to my canon.As such the E-M1 should be considered the successor to the E-5.We'll look at the performance of the camera with Four Thirds lenses in a little more depth later in this article.The E-M1 is the second model in Olympus's OM-D series and extends the range further into semi-pro/enthusiast territory.

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(: Samples with Flash R f/4-5.6 Capture Software| with off camera Flash Photo Prints (13x19inch) take photographs about 20 days a month.

Olympus needs to upgrade its sensor..-- this camera burns though batteries quickly.

I carry 5 to shoot all day.-- there are no published lens specification that can be used with Photoshop for automatic "len correction."Hi Linda, For BIF, have you tried rotating the camera so it is in portrait orientation?

Olympus created some very nice Four Thirds lenses, but the company struggled to make enough impact in the SLR market to justify the cost of continuing development for both systems in parallel.

The company claims to have studied what the E-M1 and a hypothetical 'E-7' SLR could offer, and concluded that, while image quality, durability and speed would have been the same, the OM-D design allowed both a substantial size advantage and a much greater viewfinder magnification than would be possible with an optical finder.

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