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Name: Windows XP Guest OS: Other/Unknown UUID: 1bf3464d-57c6-4d49-92a9-a5cc3816b7e7 Config file: /home/username/.config/Virtual Box/Machines/Windows XP/Windows Memory size: 512MB VRAM size: 12MB Number of CPUs: 2 Boot menu mode: message and menu Boot Device (1): DVD Boot Device (2): Hard Disk Boot Device (3): Not Assigned Boot Device (4): Not Assigned ACPI: on IOAPIC: on ...command allows you to import a virtual machine definition in an XML file into Virtual Box.To register the VM instantly, use the optional This command changes the properties of a registered virtual machine which is not running.Most of the properties that this command makes available correspond to the VM settings that Virtual Box graphical user interface displays in each VM's "Settings" dialog; these were described in Chapter3, Configuring virtual machines.See Section9.24, “Starting virtual machines during system boot” for more details.This command imports a virtual appliance in OVF format by copying the virtual disk images and creating virtual machines in Virtual Box.

It is advisable to place the definition file in the machines folder before registering it.

The following sections provide detailed reference information on the different commands.

The settings password is used for certain settings which need to be stored encrypted for security reasons.

The first option defines that a linked clone should be created, which is only possible for a machine clone from a snapshot.

The next two options enable specification of how the MAC addresses of every virtual network card should be handled.

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