Updating primary key db2 dating chile cl chat

Though I understand their current focus on the Realm Mobile Platform, it seems kind of odd to me to introduce regressions to the Realm Mobile Database in order to support it.

Let me respond to a few of your words inline: I understand the reasoning behind it, but this shouldn't affect users of the library not using the Realm Mobile Platform, in my opinion.

I'm not using that, and for a couple of reasons won't be able to do so in the near future.

So I'll always need to maintain my own sync code and there's no reasonable way around the temporary ids, unfortunately (don't know how the Realm Mobile Platform actually solves this). It's a strange limitation to have, especially when writing your own sync code.

Changing the value of a primary key on one device may lead to inconsistencies on another device.

And we don't wish to avoid the behaviour in one set up, and disallow it in another.

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