Updating shifters on mountain bike

They're heading south after Eau Gallie, and we agreed to try to connect somewhere in southeast Florida later in the season.We passed this spud barge in the ICW, being pushed by two small workboats on either side of its stern.It's like buying a kit and getting the bike for free.We've got limited numbers left in red, green, and black colours in time to fit under the Christmas tree.He kept wanting to run us off into the weeds on the green side. If you look closely you can see the water level in the lock chamber as it pours out through the slightly open gates.

shop space this past year, but in the end came to the realization that our resources are best kept focus on conversion kits and the development of new Grin products.The short day means a few longer ones on the rest of our trek to Tampa Bay. While the Indian River is quite wide through here, it's very shallow, and the ICW is a dredged channel only a couple hundred feet wide.Normally Otto-the-autopilot is quite capable of keeping us in a 200'-wide lane, but we had considerable crosswind all day, and I had to "steer" using heading mode rather than let Otto make the turns.Yesterday I had hoped to weigh anchor first thing and get a nice tidal push down to "the crossroads" before the tide change, and then an upriver push up the St. Mother nature had other plans, throwing a huge thunderstorm at us, and we ended up staying put until it passed.We didn't weigh anchor until , and then I had over a knot of current against me on the ICW to the crossroads.

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