Who is eric from true blood dating in real life

I don't understand those who are upset by his marriage. Even the interviews from 10 years ago, the members thought they would have been married by now. I heard that fans were upset because he promised an album every year. Eric said that releasing an album and doing concerts every year meant he would never have the time for a relationship and get married. It's better to release a quality album every 2 years rather than mediocre ones every year. That time I was accompany my friends seeing their filming Running Man in one of private university. He has such a handsome face, tall, dark skin and very sharp nose which is easily to distinguish him among korean. After filming ended, he came to fans site, closer to them and giving hand gesture something like high five. He seems easy for any kinda of skinships in drama but he really knows his limits.

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I am soo glaad that he got married, and I hope the others follow soon. The more getting older, the more handsome you've become. Comeback soon to the drama land and lets create more successful future. He's such a humble and very calm person that doesn't like crowded attention.Eric is so gentle towards Hyun Jin and Hyun Jin also respect Eric a lot. I can't believe some people bad mouthing him just because he didn't want to link arm with seo hyun Jin. Yumi and Eric really had fun together in KBS drama awards. Now that I know he's dating someone, I give him more applause because he really considerate to his girl's feelings. Lets forget about the tragic stuff during Spy Myung Wol, I really think they match well.If he seems 'ignore' Seo Hyun Jin, it just the matter that he's attached now and he should respect his relationship. Watching him in Three Meals A Day and confirm he's totally different with other korean. Korean is popular with their palli palli habit but not with Eric. He just so good in anything but also very calm and low key.We respect those who just like him individually but when stating opinions you all could be careful too with the words you utter. urrmmm..got offer as solo, been offered lots of money to left shinhwa, but he chose not to.why?We hope you also understand SHCJs as much as we don't say anything about his solos/individual activities. because he LOVES SHINHWA more than he's the PROUD co-ceo (along with minwoo) of shinhwa company U dont like SHCJ keep promoting shinhwa on Eric solo activities?

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